Rare Chinese Tang Dynasty Horse from 618-906 AD


In the above photo we see  the horse as it arrived in our studios. Both ears are broken off and are missing some parts. The rider's left arm is also broken off at the elbow.

Not apparent in this view, the arm and ears had been previously restored.


Now that the ears and arm are bonded in place, there is a significant area behind the horse's right ear where material is missing. Also the back of the ear tip is partially chipped off and missing. A large part of the head between the ears was also missing and had to be reconstructed.

Here is the finished project.

These ancient Chinese artifacts are extremely rare, and it is a true privilege and a pleasure to be able to contribute to their longevity.

We sincerely thank our client for permission to use this wonderful horse on our Website as an example of what can be achieved with care and experience.


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