Percheron Stallion

The porcelain stallion shown below arrived with braids missing from his mane.

In the next view, look carefully and you will see places along the neck where three (3) mane-braids should be, making a total of six (6).

Following are two (2) mane-braids that had broken from the mane. They were supplied by the owner. However, one mane-braid is missing and will need to be made.

In order to duplicate the braids exactly, we utilized dental impression techniques and made a casting in engineering white epoxy. Then the new braid was bonded into the mane, along with the two originals that we (fortunately) had received from the owner.

Finally, the new braid was colored to match the originals, and the junctions where the originals were bonded in place were made invisible.

We thoroughly enjoyed this challenge!

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