Objects That We Treat:

Over these many years we have gained extensive experience in dealing with numerous materials and object types. Here are a few examples:

Materials - Includes both ancient and modern pottery, porcelain and other ceramic
types, e.g. Chinese Tang Dynasty Pottery (AD 618-907), 18th. Century Chinese Export porcelain, Meissen, Bow, Worcester, Japanese Hirado, Imari and other period porcelain items, bisque, china, crocks.

(Under 'Examples', see the photographic section on Minton Compotes.) Porcelains are very hard, dense and contain virtually no air or bubbles

Wooden Objects - Native American Kachinas, and other small objects.

Glass, Porcelain Footnote - We bond broken pieces, may polish off a few sharp edges, and can in some cases replace small missing pieces. The conservation adhesives we use for glass are especially clear and stable. Optical qualities with respect to clarity and refractive index are nearly the same as glass; long-term resistance to yellowing is excellent, resulting in clean and unobtrusive bond lines and fills. In many cases we can stabilize cracks in glass objects to lessen the possibility of breakage. The same adhesives are used for bonding hard-fired porcelains, yielding excellent results.

Adhesive Footnote - A sensitive laboratory digital balance is used for weighing conservation-grade adhesive components used for bonding and filling. Accurate weighing (to hundredths of a gram) produces very consistent and outstanding results.

Foodware, Dinnerware Footnote - While we are normally able to bond broken foodware, including handles, we must caution our clients that we do not consider bonded foodware suitable for actual use due to strong concerns about safety.

While our adhesives are amazingly strong and unlikely to fail, they are not approved by FDA for food use and there are situations where such factors as use of dishwashers, and other uses beyond our control could cause a bonded handle or other part to fail while the item is full of food, hot coffee, tea, or a staining liquid, and we absolutely do not recommend using restored cups and other food service items for purposes other than display. We suggest marking restored items appropriately.

Use of any such items for other than display purposes is non-approved and the user will bear full responsibility for any incident.

Lamps Footnote - Due to our operating room space limitations, we cannot accomodate lamps or lamp parts.

Size Footnote Due also to space limitations, we need to avoid large objects. Less than 1-foot in height and taking up no more than 1 square foot table space works much better for us.

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