Rare Pottery Jug

On your right are the remains of a pottery jug made of extremely course, redish clay and fired at low temperature. It is thought to be of Turkish origin and is of an early period.

This type of material is very difficult to conserve, as it is all too easy to break fragments of the brittle pottery during cleaning and re-assembly. It would be quite perilous to safely dismantle any parts that were incorrectly bonded - therefore it is critical that pieces be aligned with extraordinary care.

Our client in this instance is a private collector of rare and important art works, and is quite sensitive to the institutional ethics involved in projects of this nature. The requirement here was to assemble broken pieces, and then make up missing parts with a material that would be visible, but not blatantly obvious.

Major missing areas were to the right and below upper handle attachment, and quite a large section on right side of the base.

No airbrushing or other artwork were done in this instance.

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