Fees, General Information

We are often asked to provide an estimate of fees and costs by telephone, letter or E-mail based on telephone discussions and upon photos that have been sent.

It has proven impossible to make this work for us or for our clients, as this profession involves so many variables regarding materials we might use to complete a project, and the condition of the article under discussion cannot be seen well enough for us to make an assessment without actually having it in hand, under bright lights, and using magnifiers and probes to yield a really good analysis.

You can assume that our fee will be a minimum of $150.

Please note that we do not accept any credit cards. Checks or cash are accepted with pleasure.

We are always concerned with the welfare of the object you ask us to restore or conserve, to cause no additional harm to it, and to make certain the actions we plan to take are reversible to the best of our ability. This assures that, should it ever become necessary, the object can be dismantled.

Please note that once we have agreed on a plan and you have our fee quote, it's highly unlikely that we will have any need to increase your fee.

You can effect considerable savings if you can prevent any work being done before we see the item in question so that we will not have to spend time un-doing prior work, especially old adhesives. Please do not try to bond any parts to see if they are all there.

Also, if you can present the project without clothing, decorative attachments and other items that will have to be removed, we can save time and reduce expenses.

When you send items, please have them packed so they can be quickly un-packed without having to deal with excessive tape and other factors that slow the process down. And if we can re-use the packing material, so much the better. Also, please consider the project you send in pieces may grow substantially when assembled, so please use a shipping container large enough to safely ship the finished object.

Robert K. MacDowell

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